Become A Facilitator

The Ultimate Journey Now that you have completed Phase 2, are you thinking that others must experience this healing and freedom just as you did? If so, you are not alone. Your facilitator, and many others, responded to the call to allow God to work through them to provide the same safe space to share […]

Next Steps

The Ultimate Journey Why Go On To Phase 3.pdf Coming Soon. Available for purchase! Phase 2 Affirmations  (Male or Female) MP3 digital download: The covenant relationship God has with his people is a bonded, airtight, no loop holes, kind of relationship. It comes with many blessings for those who choose to enter into it. In […]

Lesson 13 – What’s Next?

The Ultimate Journey Overview: What’s Next? If we desire to choose Christ as our covenant representative and let his perfect tract record represent us, we must exchange lives with him: His new life in us in exchange for our former self-life. A title deed denotes ownership with all its rights and privileges. For us, it […]

Lesson 12 – Now You

The Ultimate Journey Overview: Now You While Jesus is not physically living with us on earth as he was with his first disciples, his Spirit now lives in us so we can draw everything we need from him. Now it is our turn to place 100% of our trust in him as we pick up […]

Lesson 11 – Watch Me

The Ultimate Journey Overview: Watch Me Jesus invited the disciples to live with him 24/7 so they could watch and learn from him as he demonstrated total obedience, placing 100% trust in his Father and 0% trust in himself.  Crucifixion, or death to self, was the final lesson Jesus taught his disciples while here on […]

Lesson 10 – Follow Me

The Ultimate Journey Overview: Follow Me Jesus called each of his disciples to drop everything and follow him. If we want to be his disciples, we must do the same. Assignment: Follow Me Instructions: Read or listen to Lesson 10 – Follow Me Complete Study Guide Lesson 10 Watch Weekly Videos Lesson 10 – Follow […]

Lesson 9 – God’s Ways vs Our Ways

The Ultimate Journey Overview: God’s Ways Vs. Our Ways The gospel forces us to choose whether we will continue running our own lives apart from God or submit to the life of Christ in us. Assignment: God’s Ways Vs. Our Ways Instructions: Read or listen to Lesson 9 – God’s Ways vs Our Ways Complete […]

Lesson 8 – The Source Within

The Ultimate Journey Overview: The Source Within Once we allow God to rescue us, through the shed blood of our covenant representative Jesus, the Spirit of God through Christ lives in us so we can draw everything we need from him. God said, “I will sprinkle clean water on you, and you will be clean; […]

Lesson 7 – Your Blood Brother To The Rescue

The Ultimate Journey Overview: Your Blood Brother To The Rescue Understand that God is not mad at us. Rather, God is mad at the one who stole us away from him. God sent his own Son to rescue us from certain death so that we can be brought back into right relationship with him. We’ve […]

Lesson 6 – You’ve Been Set Adrift

The Ultimate Journey Overview: You’ve Been Set Adrift Once we swallow the enemy’s lies, he deceives us into pursuing our own life. This leads us farther and farther from dependence upon Christ’s life in us. As we become separated from God cut off from our true source of life, the path of rebellion leaves us […]